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Развлекательный комплекс
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Assorted fish Siberian salmon fillet, butterfish and lightly salted red salmon 150/20 451 rub.
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Assorted salo salo/ lard is a traditional food made of cured slabs of fatback, it is the best appetizer going well with vodka, pickled mushrooms, horseradish, pickled cucumbers and garlic 180 rub.
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Focaccia with cheese 80 rub.
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Fresh vegetables plate sweet and hot pepper, fresh cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, carrot and fresh ginger 254 rub.
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Lightly salted atlantic salmon 80 438 rub.
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Lightly salted marinades cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, sauerkraut and marinated pepper 350 rub.
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Meat plate baked rolls of mild pork tenderloin and chicken, boiled tongue and salted brisket 200/40 445 rub.
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Olives 110 rub.
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Salmon caviar 50 450 rub.
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Spicy herring served with rye bread and onions 120/60/20 265 rub.
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