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Hotel policies

Accommodation Policy and Procedure
"Mont Blanc"

I. General Regulations.

1.1. Present order of stay at the hotel "Mont Blanc" is developed in accordance with the norms of the Civil Code of Russian Federation, of the RF Law "About Protection of Consumers Rights'', "Rules of hotel services in the Russian Federation", Approved by RF Government Decree of 04.25.97, № 490.
1.2. Basic concepts used in present procedure of accommodation, means:

"Hotel" - a property complex (buildings, equipment and other property), designed for providing services;

"Consumer" - a citizen, who intend to order, or to order and use the service only for personal, family, household and other needs, not related with business activities;

"Hotel Association" - a combination of physical and juridical persons providing accommodation services to consumers at compensated contract.

1.3. The hotel is intended for temporary residence of citizens for a period not exceeding two months, regardless of the place of residence. Accommodation of Russian and foreign nationals, regardless of their place of registration, possible for the period of more than two months only with special permission of the actual executor of services.

II. The Order of reservation, registration for residence, and payment service.

2.1. Contract for the provision of services must conclude upon submission by the consumer passport or military ID, identity card or any other document issued in the established order and confirming the identity of the consumer. At registration for accommodation at the hotel , Hotel Association shall issue a receipt (invoice, ticket), confirming the conclusion of a contract for services.
2.2. Reservation of rooms carried on the basis of the contract, of written, individual or the group request, also an application by mail, telephone, electronic or other communication, which allows to establish with certainty that the request comes from the consumer.
2.3. In case of delay of the consumer, the hotel reserves the right to charge the cost of accommodation, but not more than a day. In case of no show for more than 24 hours the reservation is annulated. In case if consumer refuse to pay for booking , hotel accommodation for him (for her) is made in the common queue.
2.4. Payment for accommodation and the provision of additional (accompanying) services in the hotel is established by Hotel Association , which are reported to the attention of the consumer in the form of a price-list.
2.5. Check-out time - 12-00 local time. At placing Till a checkout time, (0 to 12) accommodation fee will not be charged.

In case the late checkout (12:00- 00:00) the fee for accomodation will be charged in the following order:

  • 1 up to 6 h — an hourly pay is charged;
  • 6 up to 12 h — a 50 percent of the full accommodation rate is charged;
  • 12 up to 24 h — the full accommodation rate is charged.

The first day of a stay is charged as for a full 24 hour stay independently of check-in/out time.
2.6. Children up to 7 years old can stay free of charge when sharing a room with parents without extra bed. At the request of the consumer in the room can be provided an extra bed - payment is made according to the approved price list.
2.7. Payment for accommodation of war veterans (WWII), disabled persons and the persons accompanying disabled of 1 group; accommodation fee is paid by the certain reduced tariff, according to the approved price list (5% discount in case if accompanying will live in one room with disabled person).
2.8. Hotel management give guarantee to register of consumers (arriving and departing) at any time of the day.
2.9. Payment is due immediately upon registration of guest for period not less than one night stay. In case of delayed payment , key-card will locks within 1 hour.
2.10. The consumer can take advantage any of the additional services, provided by the hotel management for cash or cashless payment, according to the price list, payment at the reception.

III. Terms and Condition

3.1. Consumer is obliged to observe the Hotel Policies established by the executer, guests must to observe cleanliness, and rules of fire safety.
3.2. Residents are required to carefully treat the property of hotel and equipment. In case of loss or damage to property of the hotel , consumer reimburse in accordance with the price list for damage to hotel property and the civil legislation of the Russian Federation, and is also responsible for other violations. Damage of property - is the spoilage of materials (equipments), after which these materials (equipments) are losing their consumer quality. The indemnification by price list in hotel approved by management. Caused damage which can be corrected by cleaning, washing , shall be compensated in accordance with the Consumer Price List.
3.3. Consumer is obliged to observe the silence from 23.00 to 7.00.
3.4. Before leaving the room, the consumer is obliged to make sure that the windows and doors carefully closed, make sure that the appliances and the electric light is turned off .
3.5. Consumers of the hotel are prohibited:

  • keep unauthorized persons in the room in their absence, as well as giving to them the key from room.
  • to keep animals or birds in the hotel. (only after agreement with the hotel association).
  • to keep in the room massive items, flammable materials, chemical, radioactive and toxic substances;
  • during stay on the hotel grounds, keep to yourself or in your room edged weapons and firearms. In presence of listed above things , the consumer is obliged to hand over its to the authorized persons. In case of refusal to hand over weapons, the user will be denied for hotel and other services.

3.6. In order to ensure the safety of hotel guests, we regulate the skipping of guests. At the request of hotel residents, guests can be registered at the reception on the basis of the identity card.
3.7. Unauthorized persons allowed in room at the request of consumer only with the consent of the actual executor in the period from 8:00 to 23:00. After 23:00 guests are required to register their stay in the hotel at the reception in accordance with the regulations of the hotel. Payment for the second guest accommodation is made according to the price list.
3.7.1. In case if unauthorized person didn't showed ID card, or refusing to provide these documents, then registered person is responsible for the second guest.
3.8. Hotel Association is not responsible for the loss of money and valuables, if guests did not left it into the storage chamber.
3.9. When leaving the hotel the consumer is obliged to inform the porter on the reception, to hand over the room (internal telephone 100), make full payment for accommodation and provide additional services, give back a room key.
3.10. In the provision of hotel services to consumers at the tariff of Twin room "Standard'' with shared bedroom, Hotel Association has the right in the absence of the first consumer, without his knowledge- to settle in the room the second consumer. Thus Hospitality Association is not responsible for the safety of things and values are in the room after placing there second consumer. When using the hotel services by one consumer (the first), the consumer is responsible for the damage to property and inventory items are in a hotel room. If consumers use a second bed, placed in the room, he is obliged to pay the cost of the entire room, according to the price list. When placing second consumer in this room, a room shall be equipped with extra toiletries. At malfunction or damage to material assets of the Hotel Association, the guilty person shall compensate the damage. In case of failure to identify guilty person, consumers are required to fully compensate the damage (equally).
3.11. In the case of non-payment, as well as in the case of partial payment or refusal to pay for hotel or related services provided by the hotel "Mont Blanc", the Executor shall be entitled to unilaterally refuse to provide service without payment. In identifying such cases Executor call law enforcement officers (police), in their presence the Executor (or his authorized representative) , constitute a corresponding Act. In the case of absence or failure of the last guest of the signing of the Act, in the Act shall be a relevant note, without prejudice to its validity. Things of guest in the room shall be described according to the list annexed to the Act and accepted by the Executor for safe keeping at an additional cost.

IV. Rights, duties and responsibilities of the Executor.

4.1. The level of service the hotel must comply with the assigned category.
4.2. Hotel associations are obliged upon registration inform the consumers about the basic and additional services, form and methods of payment.
4.3.Information is available at the reception desk in a convenient place for review. Information includes:

  • rules of hotel services;
  • Certificate of assigning categories;
  • extraction from the state standard;
  • The cost of rooms and equipment;
  • information on public catering establishments, communications and consumer services located in the hotel;
  • list and cost of additional services;
  • information on authorities "About Protection of Consumers Rights'' upon the local administration.

4.4. Change of bed linen, gowns, replenishment of toiletries is made on the third day of stay. The towels are changed daily. At the request of consumers - possible an extraordinary change of bed linen. This service is optional and paid by the consumer in accordance with the Price List.
4.5.In responsibilities of the Hotel Association is to ensure consumers the following types of free services:

  • call an ambulance;
  • use first aid kit (bandages, hydrogen peroxide, band-aid solution of brilliant green alcohol);
  • delivery of the correspondence to the room (if received).
  • wake-up call;
  • provision of boiling water, needles, threads, one set of dishes and cutlery.

4.6. Executor offers the consumer additional services at his request for extra charge and ensures the safety of personal things in room, subject to the compliance with the order of hotel accommodation.
4.7. In case of the forgotten things, Hotel Association is obliged to shall immediately notify the owner of things. If the person, who has the right to request forgotten thing, or his whereabouts are unknown, Hotel Association is obliged to declare the find to the police or local authority.
4.8. In catering, communications and consumer services stationed in the hotel, People living in the hotel, are serviced out of turn.
4.9. The book of '' feedback and suggestions '' is at the hotel reception and issued at the first request of consumers.
4.10. Requests and complaints shall be promptly dealt by the Hotel management.
The Executor undertakes to address the shortcomings of the service rendered during one hour from the moment of requirements by consumer.

Written complaints and requests are considered only in the presence of full name, address and phone number of the consumer, in the absence of such information the claim shall not be considered.

Consumer requirements to reduce the price on the service rendered in hotel , as well as for damages caused by the termination of the contract for the provision of services shall be satisfied within 10 days from the date of request.

4.11.The consumer when deficiencies are service provided may require:

  • gratuitous elimination of deficiencies;
  • corresponding decrease in price for services rendered.
  • The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract and demand full compensation for damages, if executor within a period not to address these shortcomings.
  • The consumer also has the right to withdraw from the contract if it found significant deficiencies in the services rendered or other significant deviations from the terms of the contract.

4.12. Hotel Association reserves the right to conduct operational shooting in the common areas (lobby, halls, corridors) in order to ensure consumer safety and their property.

Cancellation and refund procedure for online payment by credit card.

1. For cancellation of paid reservation you must contact with the hotel "Mont Blanc" tel.: (3022)35-72-72 or by e-mail: montblanc@eldonet.ru. After the cancellation the Reservation Service send to your e-mail the notification about cancellation.

In case of non-receipt of your notification about cancellation , please contact the hotel "Mont Blanc" tel.: (3022)35-72-72 , or by : montblanc@eldonet.ru.

2. The full or partial refunds will made on card from which was made the original transaction.

3. The time between the operation of refund and the actual transfer of money on the expense of the customer depends on the internal banking procedures and internal procedures of payment systems and ranges from 10 to 30 days.

4. In case of cancellation:

  • to cancel the earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival date, returned the full amount of the original transaction.
  • to cancel less than 72 hours prior to arrival or in case of no show the client, the hotel keeps the amount for one night of accommodation.